Friday, October 29, 2010

I hate to say it....I really do

But I don't care in the least if some kid contacts me on the internet and says his life sucks and he wants to kill himself...I have listened to so many of these guys and it turns out the same..they NEVER I have decided that I will just ignore them when their opening line to me is "my life sucks" and the like...if they really want to change things they talk to me..and things work great, even if its just for a week or so..I will get concerned if they pretend everything is fine..but not if they want attention....I hate people who do that, they force their troubles on you...this was word for word the last guys line who tried to "Suicide claim" me.. "My friends don't trust me, I'm all alone, I'm a loner, even at my school I don't try and still Get straight A's" at that point I had said these words... "You think you have problems? Talk about it, don't come to us and claim that your entire life has been one big mistake after another, that means you are making literally no effort to fix it" and I don't regret this next quote in the least....I really don't...I was in a group chat BTW and those who weren't afk agreed with me, we deal with dramatic emo's all the time..."WE...DON'T...CARE..." adn a girl came in and said "if you think your troubles are greater than ours you can just go to hell....You realize how hard someone actually has to work to get straight A's?"..I kicked and blocked him...

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